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augmentare, 26m29s [excerpt]
Track 1 from Continuum
CD: Tour de bras (2014) TDB 9011

Continuum is a project aiming at the spontaneous creation of elemental music, that is, music devoid of any aesthetic form or linear narrative. The idea is to impose rigid strictures on the initial creative perimeters in order to maximize freedom and fluidity during the performance. In part, they take the form of a steadfast commitment to the maintenance of restraint, observation, and control, in such a way as to transcend the instinct to “play” a piece of music in order to let the music “play” both the performer and the listener.

Track Listing

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      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
    • 2
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
Total duration: 32m49s