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A pond in my living room
Bleu pénombre, 15m07s [excerpt]
CD: SOFA (2017) SOFA 556

A pond in my living room is the second solo album of Montréal-based sound artist and wind player Philippe Lauzier, and his debut album for SOFA. On this record Lauzier is using multiple tracks of bass clarinet to create a luxuriant field of overtones and meticulous micropolyphonies. The result is a beautiful record with overlapping and long mesmeric sequences of sound.

Track Listing

    • 1
      Bleu pénombre
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
    • 2
      Water Sprinkling
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
    • 3
      On the Window Side
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
    • 4
      Napping in a Neglected Garden
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
Total duration: 41m42s