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Rubedo’ ro
Aluxes (2008), 4m21s [excerpt]
Track 1 from Rubedo’ ro
CD: Malasartes musique (2014) MAM 019
Géraldine Eguiluz, voice; Marie-Lys Trudel-Côté, violin, voice; Julie Babaz, viola, voice; Sheila Hannigan, cello, voice; Stéphane Diamantakiou, double bass, voice

The compositions of Rubedo’ ro new release, span over a period of six years, since its gestation to its realisation.

It is a very special creation to me as it was borned in the multiple processes and experiences where it’ s take source.

On the one hand, the inner journey lived in solitude and silence, and also the magic of travels and meetings that gave life to each song,

having been exposed to musicians, instrumentations and geographies diverses.

Finally, for sure, the presence and musicality of my traveling companions: Stephane, Sheila, Julie and Marile-Lys who gave their time and talent to achieve this record.

It seems to me that the work fits with accuracy and originality in the musical landscape of today, the multiple tongues and languages, jazz and folklore, classical and contemporary, improvisation and writing, while keeping a sense of poetry, opening to sound, imagination and the secret wish that the music can add a touch of beauty, joy and humanity to the world.

Géraldine Eguiluz

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Total duration: 45m52s