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Open passages stay open.

Let’s take advantage of this passage to thank the musicians, especially those who tune to the unexpected.

Thanks to them for their ability to abandon themselves to time and to obscure instructions.

Mecha Fixes Clocks is a repair shop, not unlike a garage.

Only we don’t repair all engines nor all models: the task would be insurmountable. These mechanic-musicians do their best: the century having begun badly, they make adjustments without knowing if they’ll suffice.

Actually, it’s not the job of composers nor musicians to save centuries.

In concert, Mecha Fixes Clocks takes the form of a sextet. On this recording, their number is nearly twice as many, like a bonus, a promotional offer.

This music on this disc is rather slow and not very fashionable, though it has been retrofitted.

Track Listing

Total duration: 47m02s