Kondo, Skempton

Canons + Hoquets

CQB 0704
1 disc
16.95 CAD -15%

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Canons + Hoquets
Catch (2001), 12m49s [excerpt]
Track 1 from Canons + Hoquets
CD: Collection QB (2007) CQB 0704

Two contemporary artists, each strong and distinct. Skempton’s expansive canons offset Kondo’s continuous hockets. Jo Kondo: “I am interested in words more than in sentences, in sentences more than in paragraphs, in paragraphs more than in a whole page. Thus, it could be said that in music I am more concerned with each sound than with the phrases they create.” Howard Skempton: “The power of music to inspire confidence is more than equalled by its ability to alleviate anxiety. Through music we are no longer manipulated by time… We can stem the tide of time through the practice of repetition; or through silence, the last refuge of the fastidious.”

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