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Portrait Montréal
Pulau Dewata (1977; arr. 2002) [Michael Oesterle, arrangement], 11m47s [excerpt]
Track 1 from Portrait Montréal
CD: Collection QB (2004) CQB 0401

Moving freely from avant-garde events to traditional concerts, the Bozzini Quartet was characterized by the Irish Times as a “group which gets its teeth into music: quiet or loud, fast or slow, these Canadian musicians play with compelling engagement.” With this new collection of recordings, Bozzini Quartet is pursuing its desire to explore the diversity of contemporary music. This inaugural volume of the collection,“Portrait Montréal,” pays homage to the richness of Montréal—the creative link of the four featured composers; Claude Vivier, Jean Lesage, Michael Oesterle et Malcolm Goldstein. It bears witness to Bozzini Quartet’s commitment to Montréal and its artists.

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Total duration: 60m56s