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Aiguiser l’ouïe (2001), 7m45s [excerpt]
Track 3 from Ohmix
CD: OHM / Avatar (2001) AVTR 022

In the Press…

Avatar invited eight composers to select at will from OHM éditions’ audio production from 1993 to 1998. They remixed excerpts, full pieces, entire cds or even the whole catalog. These different approaches result in a varied listening and also mark a return visit to Avatar in its foundational form: Christof Migone, Jocelyn Robert, Pierre-André Arcand, the first collective projects and the precursors in Québec City, Bruit TTV.

With this project Avatar remains close to its namesake. It metamorphizes, transforms itself and rematerializes in new pieces signed by eminent contributors. From Ralf Wehowsky to Alexandre St-Onge, each “reading” takes aim, at a particular angle, and positions itself as an encounter, a meeting in sound. The junctures are shared amplifications, they are augmented renderings produced by fine tuned auditions.

OHMIX contributes to the history of OHM éditions and Avatar, it is a commentary, a conversation on and with. Avatar is still and by definition always already something other than itself; the media it utilizes attest to this (video, CD+, CD, CD-ROM, software, interfaces, new systems) as well as its activities (residencies, workshops, telematic events, radio art, performances, concerts) yet even these cannot purport to delimit its permanent slippage.

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Total duration: 60m27s