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Since the Ensemble SuperMusique was founded, one of our main concerns has been to explore improvisation and the way it could be integrated to (or even become an intergral part of) written music. Graphic scores has thus seemed to us as a most suitable working tool. Indeed, graphic scores allow the musicians to follow more or less elaborate paths to either freely improvise, originally interpret sets of instructions or play written music. This album features three compositions using graphic scores to attain the same goal: to offer the musicians involved as much freedom as possible within a very precise framework. Each one of these compositions presents the musicians with very different options and frameworks, from the broadest to the narrowest. Danielle Palardy Roger’s composition is a journey through time. The drawn elements of her graphic score bear an apparent similarity to traditionally notated music, but they cannot be precisely read by the players, thus retaining the composition’s variable and subjective distinctiveness. In Joane Hétu’s composition, the players are required as well to follow a very detailed temporal journey in which contrasting moods follow each other. All instructions are provided by words, drawings and colors; the musicians then constantly navigate between more “fixed” and more “blurry” sections. Finally, Lisa Cay Miller’s composition works on two different levels. At first visually presented as a checkerboard on which the players move, it incorporates at the same time traditionally notated phrases. Musicians must then switch from free improvised sections to precisely notated rhythmic patterns.

Les porteuses d’Ô (The Water Carriers) features three composers who are actively involved in musique actuelle and improvised music’s creation and distribution: Lisa Cay Miller, with NOW Society in Vancouver; Joane Hétu and Danielle Palardy Roger, with SuperMusique in Montréal. Les porteuses d’Ô seemed a very proper title indeed. Not only because it makes a direct reference to Lisa Cay Miller’s composition, but also because it admirably depicts three women who, with all their strenght and determination, have been carrying on their shoulders (and still do) whatever it needs to sustain and develop new and creative music.

This compositions have been commissioned and premiered thanks to Productions SuperMusique and Le Vivier — Carrefour des musiques nouvelles in Montréal. Our sincere thanks to all the musicians involved for their unrelenting commitment.

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Total duration: 40m49s