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”Ever since I started making music, I have composed, improvised, and played by ear. In groups in which I played, I proposed music even before I could read and write it. In this way, I sewed my own clothes. For me, playing and composing have never been completely separate activities. Even now, it is rare that I am not on stage as a performer when my music is played. I have typically composed in ways — stacking the deck, perhaps — that demand that I be there, that my physical role on stage and my choices as an improviser make a difference. This disc is an exception. I did not premiere these works as a performer, except for Les Jumeaux which, though originally commissioned as a solo for clarinettist Bob Stevenson, became a duo — Bob and I simply enjoy playing together too much not to have done so. In my music, most performance instructions are given in person and remain open to revision. I have always resisted the desire to notate everything, as if were we already dead, each composition would serve as a testament of last wishes. For me, composing is like gardening or rearing children: It is not enough simply to plant the seed! We are obliged, instead, to nurture young life and guide it to maturity. Today, it is my pleasure to offer six fine offspring, some already having come of age.” — Jean Derome, December 2014

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