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Canard branchu
Les Pipeurs de sable (2013), 3m05s [excerpt]
Track 3 from Canard branchu
CD: Ambiances Magnétiques (2013) AM 216
André Moisan, basset-horn; Robert Marcel Lepage, clarinet

In the Press…

There is a swamp and in this swamp there are all kinds of animals and insects and bugs and in this swamp everyone plays their little music the frog croaks and it’s a terrible sound and the mosquito buzzes and it does sound as nothing at all and the grass-snake whistles but it does not even make a note and the leech sucks and the sound of the suction sickens everyone and everybody complains to everybody else but nobody wants to stop because everyone likes the sound they’re making the frog finds itself quite bucolic and the mosquito thinks of itself as quite funky and the grass-snake believes itself to be avant-garde and the leech thinks it is sexy and then everybody accuses everybody else to be jealous and goes to see the heron which is believed to have a very musical ear to complain about each other and to show how they all make beautiful music but all these folks start to yell yet again at each other and the mosquito bites the leech and the frog swallows the mosquito and the grass-snake swallows the frog and the leech clings to the grass-snake and sucks its blood but there is so much blood because of the mosquito’s blood and the frog’s and the grass-snake’s that the leech explodes and it makes a big boom and upon hearing that the heron says: Well, E flat.

Track Listing

Total duration: 40m05s