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Le lait maternel
Le Robert du bungalow (2002), 2m39s [excerpt]
Track 1 from Le lait maternel
CD: Ambiances Magnétiques (2013) AM 212

In the Press…

An instrumental exploration of different American musical languages at the core of my interest in improvised music.

Each piece is based on different genres such as folk, gospel, bluegrass, the music of marching bands, mid-20th century’s orchestral music (Groffe, Ellington, Copland), jazz, rock, free jazz, electronic music, minimalism and post-modernism. They continuously intersect so that fragments of electronic music could run elbows with the music of marching bands, or a prepared piano could punctuate a string quartet playing Baptist hymns.

Heartfelt improvised parts played by Jean Derome, Jacques Seguin, Guillaume Bourque and Yanik Cloutier will be grafted on to these compositions.

Track Listing

Total duration: 47m57s