Face à la dérive

Portrait sonore du fleuve Saint-Laurent

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During a ten days residence in Rimouski (Québec), the artists made documentary sounds recordings: interviews and soundscapes. They listen to the sounds heard along the St Lawrence River, underwater, and to the voices of peoples living around. Based on a dynamic use of these recordings, “Face à la dérive” is a cycle of improvised performances using both musical intruments and acousmatic sounds.

Track Listing

    • 1
      Partie un (2007)
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0 (44 kHz • 16 bits)
    • 2
      Partie deux (2007)
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0 (44 kHz • 16 bits)
Total duration: 42m58s