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28 December 2010
By Pierre-Jean Lavigne in CISM (Québec), December 28, 2010


“«Yo, c’est trop fly ton shuffle mix»”

Faque j’suis dans un party chez un ami quand j’lui dit: «Yo, c’est trop fly ton shuffle mix», pis là y’m’shoot «Yoooooo, c’pas à shuffle, c’est le nouvel album de Rouge Ciel». Pis la ma tête fait genre BBBRRRKK-SSSHHHHAAARR-RRRRRHHHH-SSSSHHKKKK, pis lui yé comme «yyyeeeaaaahhhh» parce qu’y m’a eu avec sa fake compil qui sonne comme si les best orchestres de film de série B et westerns italiens (pense Morricone qui front Goblin) composaient pour m’accompagner lors de mon vol de banque… sur la planète VAMPIRE!

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22 December 2010
By François Couture in Monsieur Délire (Québec), December 22, 2010


“Music with deep bewitching resonances.”

What a joy to see Montréaler Nicolas Bernier join the roster of Portuguese label Crónica! strings.lines features five interrelated electroacoustic works using recordings of Pierre-Yves Martel on viola da gamba and Chris Bartos on violin. Stretched-out sounds, explosive sounds, nothing static, the music moves a lot — literally and figuratively. Music with deep bewitching resonances. I like a lot.

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21 December 2010
By François Couture in CFLX 95.5 FM (Québec), December 21, 2010


“Cette liste regroupe 50 titres aussi variés qu’étonnants…”

L’émission radiophonique éclectique Délire musical (CFLX-FM, Sherbrooke, Québec) annonce aujourd’hui la liste des 50 disques retenus par son équipe pour son émission de fin d’année. Cette liste regroupe 50 titres aussi variés qu’étonnants, dans des genres disparates comme le folk, le post-rock, le rock progressif, la chanson, les musiques du monde, l’électronique et bien plus.

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20 December 2010
in Focus Sound (Japan), December 20, 2010

Press Clipping

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18 December 2010

We suggest you check out prePlexure by John Oswald, the latest addition to our shop.

17 December 2010
By Bruce Lee Gallanter in Downtown Music Gallery (USA), December 17, 2010


“… it is delightful gem throughout, like a long lost treasure from the olden days (of the seventies).”

This is the third disc from the great but under-recognized Quebec-based progressive band Rouge Ciel. After hearing their first two discs and seeing them live at Guelph, I was excited to receive their new one earlier this week. What I dig about this disc is that it is filled with passion and creativity, not any of that complexity for-its-own-sake stuff. This sounds as if it was recorded in the mid-seventies since they use those vintage keyboards like (Hammond?) organ, electric piano & synth. Mr. Del Fabbro plays some great wah-wah violin on Imbroglio, now there’s a sound we haven’t heard in a long while. Agitato has a most majestic sound with lovely cascading violin & piano swells. A few of the melodies used here have a warm, folky sort of resonance which is most charming. Just when you think you have this band figured out, they head for darker, more turbulent waters. Antimemoire has a great, churning quality that builds to a grand conclusion. Classic progressive music has a mythic quality like a soundtrack for an animated journey that we are swept away by. That’s what we find here. You got to love that central pounding drum on Bryologie, a strong blend of eastern and other progressive elements. There is no singing on this disc for those who need to know and it is delightful gem throughout, like a long lost treasure from the olden days (of the seventies). I would hope that Michel Levasseur from the Victo Fest would be wise enough to book this great quartet for a future fest. Both Rouge Ciel and Victo are from the very same province — Québec.

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